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Sew in Hair Extensions and Hand Tied Hair

Sew in hair extensions are most commonly known as hand tied hair. Hand tied hair is where they sew individual strands of hair onto a string to create a weft of "hand tied hair." They are two types of hair that can be used for sew in hair (hand tied hair extensions) the other type of hair is called machines tied, which is hair sewn on a weft with a machine, each type of hair is great if used on the correct type of hair and also your budget! 

Sew in hair extensions are the #1 leading extension type because of how flat and they don't create any damage to your natural hair (if applied correctly by someone who has been certified.) They require no HEAT, or GLUE. 

I only use the best quality of hair to ensure that your investment lasts! I have a few different companies I have been working with for over 5 years! The hair extensions themselves are semi-permanent and require a move up every 4-8 weeks depending on your hair type! The hair itself can last anywhere from 6-12 months with proper at home care. 

The price of hair varies from client to client, the fullness, and length you are wanting! We will go over all the costs and maintenance required during your consultation!  

Hair extensions price are estimates and the correct amount will be giving at the time of ordering/deposit day. There is a non refundable deposit due for the hair extensions.

My installation costs are $450, that includes whatever the hair needs! Whether we need to add a root color, toner, lowlights, if also includes the install/blending and styling. Any additional color to your hair will be separate pricing, that you can see located in the service part of my website. 

Move-ups will be every 4-8 weeks depending on your hair texture and growth! Move-up costs depend of how many rows you have! 

1 row: $125

1.5 row: $175

2 rows: $200

2.5 rows: $250

3 rows: $300

These hair extensions prices are ESTIMATES ⬇️

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